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Grimsl Pass BikerIBEKOR GmbH is happy to be your partner in the daily fight against base material corrosion / galvanic corrosion / coating corrosion / flange and seam corrosion / filiform corrosion and corrosive infiltration of paints and adhesive joints.

1. Development of solutions for constructive corrosion protection with the aim of a cost-neutral implementation with suggestions for material selection.

2. Development of concepts for corrosion protection according to the component specifications, e.g. according to TL from VOLKSWAGEN AG, GS from BMW Group and DBL from MERCEDES BENZ.

3. Creation of optimization proposals for existing coating systems by
(A) Adjustment of the pretreatment processes to the substrate, e.g. neutral or alkaline degreasing? Ti / Zr conversion or Zn phosphating? mechanical or plasma pretreatment of CFRP?
(B) Selection of an inorganic coating, e.g. galvanic zinc plating or ZnNi alloy deposition? or a zinc flake system? or hot-dip galvanizing makes sense?
(C) Selection of an organic coating, e.g. is a standard e-coat sufficient or is thick-layer e-coat of 40 µm required? or wet paint? What about powder coating?
(D) Enhancing the performance of a coating through post-treatment, e.g. thin film or thick film passivation? Application of a TopCoat? or is it cavity wax preservation?
(E) Reduce costs in corrosion protection, e.g. strip galvanizing instead of batch galvanizing? Is it possible to paint an assembly instead of painting each individual part?

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