Florida Keys and IBEKOR
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Alu Design CarIBEKOR GmbH is a modern engineering office, developing coating systems and corrosion-protection systems for the automotive and supplier industry.

In automotive engineering and other industrial applications, corrosion protection is usually based on a coating system. It is, however, also affected by a whole range of other variables. The service profile of IBEKOR GmbH is characterized by a holistic approach: the component life cycle is considered as an overall system, ranging from component design engineering via testing and production to successful operation in the field, even under extreme conditions.
Flake  Coating Parts
The technical and visual surface must fulfill a large number of requirements. Due to stricter quality requirements, it is increasingly moving into the focus of development work. This is where IBEKOR GmbH comes into play, integrating itself actively into the product creation and production process as a modern engineering office for coatings and corrosion protection.

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