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Alu Design CarCoating systems, corrosion protection systems and laboratory tests are the business of IBEKOR GmbH. The Munich-based engineering office for coatings and corrosion protection has been active as a listed supplier for the German and international automotive and supplier industries for 13 years.

In automotive engineering and other industrial applications, corrosion protection is usually based on a coating system. A deep understanding of the interactions between a) material, b) cleaning and pre-treatment processes, c) inorganic / organic coating, d) post-treatment and e) Laboratory Verification characterize the performance profile of IBEKOR GmbH.

Due to stricter quality requirements, the functional and optical surface are increasingly moving into focus. The consideration of the component life cycle as an overall system from the structural design, through verification of the coating in our own technical laboratory and support of the manufacturing processes up to field testing is the core of our success.Flake  Coating Parts

IBEKOR GmbH is constantly evolving: On the basis of our expertise in corrosion protection there have been inquiries for validation of structural adhesive joints. After investing in testing machines, workshop and laboratory equipment in new business premises and 2 years of intensive development work, this service has been available since 2022.

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