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Alu Design CarIBEKOR GmbH is an engineering office and technical laboratory, developing and testing coating systems and corrosion-protection systems for the automotive and supplier industry.

IBEKOR GmbH employees participate in scientific publications. Here is a selection that can be downloaded for personal use.
The magnesium hatchback of the 3-Liter Car - Processing and corrosion protection. SAE Technical Paper No. 2000-01-1123 [0,4MB]
Design of hybrid Mg/Al components for the automotive body - Preventing general and galvanic corrosion [1,5MB]
PDF Logo Corrosion and corrosion protection of magnesium materials for automotive engineering – Problems of galvanic corrosion. Dissertation [6 MB]
Preventing galvanic corrosion – Systematic development of a magnesium car body component  [3,5MB]
Risk of galvanic corrosion with CFRP component - WOMAG 04/2013 [0,3MB]

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