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Flake Coating MemberCorrosion-protection and coating systems
1. Development of corrosion protection concepts according to component specifications, such as technical specifications or DBL/TL/GS delivery specifications
2. Validation of organic/inorganic coating systems based on sample coatings
3. Acompanying corrosion tests and laboratory analyses
4. Creation of initial sample inspection reports and sample series up to production release
5. Benchmarking, market analyses and field surveys

Quality management in surface technology

6. Quality support for series of coatings
7. Optimization proposals for a) existing coating systems and b) coating process technology
8. Design and set-up of laboratory test rigs
9. Creation of process and/or system analyses and optimizing
10. Process-Classification and Process-Qualification

Technical laboratory services
11. Contamination-free sample preparation from parts
12. RFA / GDOES / XPS / REM / EDX analyzes via partners
13. Validation of Adhesive Joints
14. Corrosion testing

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