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Alu Design CarThe laboratory tests in corrosion protection for automotive engineering and other industrial applications are very diverse. In an initial, nonbinding meeting, the employees of IBEKOR GmbH will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. We resolve customer tasks in three steps:

1. Informative meeting
In a detailed informative meeting, we identify the technical and scientific context. What kind of substrates (e.g. steel, aluminum, magnesium) and coatings are used? Which corrosion requirements according to specifications (e.g. GS, DBL, TL) must be fulfilled? Are mechanical loads to be applied using a tensile shear test? Is workshop work or preparation of test specimens necessary?

2. Quotation
Drawing on our competence and long-term experience, we will rapidly compile a detailed quotation. This will list your requirements, structured into individual steps and precisely defined laboratory tests. The costs and our services will be specified and comprehensible.

3. Project management
In close cooperation with you, we will draw up a binding project plan with milestones, due dates and persons responsible. Continuous reporting will guarantee maximum transparency to our customers.

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