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Lap shear testCorrosion tests and environmental simulation
1. Condensation water atmosphere with constant humidity / DIN EN ISO 6270-2 CH
2. Condensation water atmosphere with alternating humidity and air temperature / DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AHT
3. Salt spray test / DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS, from 03.2022
4. SCAB corrosion test from 03.2022
5. Outdoor weathering, urban / industrial climate Munich / DIN EN ISO 927-3
6. Immersion testing, different temperatures

Verification of adhesive joints
7. Preparation of adhesive test specimens with defined a) oiling, b) overlap and c) bonding gab
8. Baking / hardening of the adhesive in a laboratory circulation air oven (simulation of the E-coating process with an extra fast heating up rate)
9. Determination of the lab shear strength of overlap adhesive joints / DIN EN ISO1465
10. Lap shear test with 50 kN universal testing machine from ZwickRoell with symmetrical and asymmetrical clamping
11. Verification of “self piercing rivets” adhesive bonds
12. Peel tests according to customers specifications

Test methods and equipment
13. Contamination-free sample preparation with a metal band saw (up to 1000 m / min) with automatic table feed
14. Ultrasonic cleaning in organic solvents
15. Cross-cut test for layer thicknesses from 1 to 250 µm / DIN EN ISO 2409
16. Measurement and documentation of a) circulating air and b) object temperature with Thermocouple T Type  [<< PDF Ovencurve]
17. Gravimetric tests on 0.1 mg, e.g. loss of mass, defined oiling
18. Stereo light microscopy with digital camera
19. Layer thickness measurement using inductive- and eddy current methods

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